Lee Caspi


Live musician

As a musician Lee accompanies live shows and tours with various Artists such as The Irrepressibles, Staubkind, Roland Kaiser, Alex Christensen, Jeanette Biedermann and many more. On different occasions she also plays with international artists like: Michael Bublé, 2CELLOS, Sister Sledge, Lenny Williams, Odyssey, Donna Missal, and in various television productions with: Helene Fischer, Andreas Gabalier, OneRepublic, Barbara Schöneberger, Michael Patrick Kelly, Ronan Keating, Rea Garvey and others.

Lee also uses electronic sounds and effects pedals while playing her classic and electronic cellos. In addition she sings background vocals and plays bass guitar on different productions.

Studio musician

Lee plays the cello in many studio and album productions of various artists such as Roland Kaiser, Maite Kelly, Rita Redshoes, ThemThere, Marie Bothmer, Nico Santos, Saguru, Marianne Rosenberg, Beatrice Egli, Claudia Jung, Staubkind, Monika Martin and many more. She also plays for various film scores and commercial soundtracks.

Lee can read Prima Vista as well as improvise live and in the studio for different music styles. Occasionally she also sings background vocals on different productions.

Music Arranger & Producer

In addition, Lee writes and programs song arrangements for various Artists such as David Hasselhoff, Marianne Rosenberg, Monika Martin, Roland Kaiser and many more.

Lee is also specialized in strings productions for which she chooses the musicians/ ensembles and writes the arrangements and partitur. She leads the sessions, records, edits and prepares the files for the mix.


Lee runs her own studio in the building of the legendary Hansa Studios at Potsdamer Platz in Berlin. The studio is optimized for high-quality recording sessions and remote recordings of acoustic instruments, solo or ensemble.

In the studio she has professional equipment such as microphones from Neumann, Telefunken, AKG or Sanken, PreAmps from Siemens, Summit Audio, API or Neve as well as high-end interfaces by Avid, Antelope or Apogee.

For different requirements, Lee is also cooperating with different studios such as Hansa Studios and Hansa IV.


Roland Kaiser - Wunderbar ist die Welt

music arranger

Beatrice Egli - Jedes Mal

cellist (solo), cellist (ensemble)

David Hasselhoff - The Passenger

music producer, music arranger, backing vocalist

Roland Kaiser – Manchmal

strings arranger, cellist (ensemble)

Maite Kelly - Einmal ist immer das erste Mal

cellist (solo)

Nico Santos – Safe

cellist (solo), cellist (overdubs)

Marianne Rosenberg - Spiel das Lied nochmal

strings arranger, cellist (ensemble)

Staubkind – Weihnachten in der Familie

cellist (solo)

Monika Martin - Hallo Schicksal

music arranger, co-producer, programmer

Cris Cane - You Gotta Groove

strings arranger

Rita Redshoes - Take Me To The Moon

cellist (strings quartet)

Volkan - Kind dieser Erde

cellist (solo), cellist (overdubs), strings arranger

Roland Kaiser - Alles oder Dich

cellist (solo), cellist (ensemble)

Marianne Rosenberg - Stärkste Nacht meines Lebens

music arranger, co-producer, programmer

Monika Martin - Mein Freund

strings arranger, cellist (solo)

Jim Kroft - Billboards by Brooklyn Bridge

cellist (strings quartet)

The Irrepressibles - The Arrow Live

cellist + pedals and looper

Martin Kautz - November

cellist (solo)

Marie Bothmer - Ich dein Alles, Du mein Nichts

cellist (solo), cellist (overdubs), strings arranger

Sandmoon - Shiny Star

cellist (solo)

Laura Osburn - Is Love a Broken Thing

cellist (solo)